Six simple rules


1. Be polite and respectful to one another. Abusive behavior towards others will lead to removal from the server.

3. No politics or religious discussion. These discussions are often divisive and we want to focus discussions on things which bring people together.

5. No recruiting for other groups. There are several other platforms you can use to announce your groups and they each have their own recruitment areas. It is obvious that you simply want to recruit players for another platform, you will be asked to leave.

2. Keep the language and posts PG-13. There are families who may see your comments and linked pictures. Please take any crude or adult language to an alternate server.

4. No edition warring or game system bashing. You can share your opinions about game systems if someone asks but don’t volunteer negative opinions about a game system that you don’t enjoy but others do.

6. Don’t argue with moderators in public channels. You can discuss issues with them through private messages or refer to the email listed above.

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